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Discover Your Miracle Archetype

and find out why you aren’t allowing miracles in your life & biz!

Expect Miracles!

You can live your life in Soul Connection that causes peace, joy, love, ease and grace in all parts of your life. Life is really amazing when you feel sure that you are going in the right direction and doing the right "soul guided" things.

Align Your Passion with Your Business


As a highly motivated creative entrepreneur, you likely own a soul-driven business. The services, products or message you bring to the world is unique, valuable and relevant. When you are doing your creative, heart-centered genius work, miracles naturally happen.…continue reading

Then there the day-to-day tasks of actually running your business that can hijack the very important work that your ideal clients need and crave. Sometimes the “business” part of your business can even detail you.

At Jean Berry Presents, I specialize in keeping you and your business joyful, connected and profitable. You can feel empowered while making money in your business while doing your soul-satisfying work. Imagine ALL of it – making a difference and making good money with the right system in place. You will be able to find your joy AND magnetize money and other miracles consistently.

With my certified facilitators, we live and teach the philosophy and specific actionable steps necessary to experience your life and your business in a state of “Soul Connection”, where peace, joy, love, play, ease and grace abound in every domain of your life.

Our courses are unique and intuitively driven, yet based on proven effective strategies and systems specifically designed for the plans, focus, execution and accountability that successful creative entrepreneurs know they need in order to have their businesses thrive.

I believe that your creativity is like oxygen to you. I also know that you aren’t going to reach the number of people you are called to serve if your cash flow is what really needs the oxygen.

Finding the ‘sweet spot’ where joy, magnetizing money and miracles contributes to your business profitability based upon the pace you take your soul’s work to task. I offer structured soul-centered programs specifically designed for the creative entrepreneur, like you.

You can start today by learning YOUR Miracle Personality by taking the Quiz. Or, start playing the Angels, Peacocks & Butterflies: 100 Days of Miracles Game!

To connect more deeply, or just ask a question about Your Soul Connection programs or other fun & joy-based offerings, I welcome the connection. Click here to contact me!

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